The morning was bright and dry, the sky was tinted pink where clouds floating about. On the pathway behind the bush, I heard the park regulars yelled at the red yolky sun rising above the roof of the booking office. More of them passed by very close in front of me along the pathway, flicking reflective light upon my eyes, irritating me while I was measuring the view for the panorama. The segment of the view to paint this morning included mainly the residential tower at the far side of the park. Though geometric format is never my cup to tea, but there is no way to leave it out that I must try to tackle it somehow. So to start with, I outlined the perimeter fence of the soccer field at the front first, using it as a measuring guide, and then I counted the number of flats horizontally to terminate the division of scale on the drawing paper. Perhaps it is a good exercise for me to settle my anxious mind while the structure of the layout gradually formed. I began to sweat by the rising temperature, but the yolky sun shone only soft light casting occasional vague shadows on the pathway.


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