The pinkish red sky shone bright light on earth early in the morning. I saw large winkled leaves gathered on the floor where morning regulars wandering along the way to the park quietly. Drops of rain began to fall soon after I entered the park. I greeted the old buddy at the railing of the viewing platform when I took snapshots, she advised me not to paint at the pathway because rain might fall. The rain stopped as I sat under the pavilion, so I took a chance to paint at the pathway. But before I lay out the drawing kit rain fell driving me back to the pavilion. I sat at the nearest bench to paint without realizing that the glass roof canopies would leak. Then I held my umbrella against the falling drops so that I could carry on with the liner draft. But the rain kept falling and pouring so hard the rain drops leak through the umbrella and washed out the paints of the picture. So I decided to leave though just a primal layer of washy paint was laid down.


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