The gale wind dropped completely leaving a quiet and dry autumn morning. Sine my camera was almost out of battery that I took fewer snapshots before starting to paint at the edge of the plant bed along the pathway. A comment on my watercolor painting was heard the first time yesterday, that the over all color presented was yellowish and flat. Though my explanation was trying to capture the effect of the atmospheric color I observed as the phenomena of nature at that time.   But as a picture by itself it was less convincing to the viewer whom has no experience as such. The comment moved me when I looked at the half done picture did yesterday. Ignoring the fact that the vibrant color was cheerful and lightweight, I tired to added darker tones to emphasis the relationship between the light source and the scale of the objectified images, which created a sense of depth by patches of color tones. The definition of the painting might achieve the scenic theory; yet I just hoped that the comment would not conflict too much on to my aim of phenomenal observation during the site practice.


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