As I entered the park, drops of drizzle warning me that shower might fall. Drizzles began to fall denser persuading me to stay at the viewing platform while the Hot Topic group was not there. I sat at the middle step watching and enjoying the cool and quiet scenery,  at the same time trying to find a view to paint. Thick clouds kept floating and dispersing slowly upward toward the west side of the sky. Though the view was simple without much details of element to depict, yet I believed the clouds requiring more layers of paints to build. So I laid down the first layer of watery paints in purplish blue, green and violet. Then I left it to dry before adding the second layer atop, such that paints might appear more concrete rather than merging with each other. Dry bushes in dull green were not attractive at all, so I put some bright greens to vibrant the atmosphere under the gloomy sky. To complete the picture, I found that the role of the lampposts giving the opportunity to project a sense of three dimensions for the scenery.


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