The floor was wet after the midnight rain, and a layer of thick clouds covered the gloomy sky. Knowing that rain might fall, I took a chance to paint at the bottom of the straight path so that the panorama could be completed soon. As described by David Hockney that: “ trees are difficult”. I felt the same when I observed the trees locating so near to my sight. Three of them bore individual features in terms of colors, slender shapes and the branches diverting upward. Besides the trees in the middle of the page, the perimeter fence of the tennis court also provided clue to depict the perspective of the scene. As expected, sudden shower fell so quickly that I packed my drawing kit to seek shelter under the storage hut. It was not long that shower stopped bringing the sun to shine. Though the drawing kit has been packed inside my bag, I decided to carry on with the painting. But the scene was too complex that I have to leave the picture to be completed on the following day.


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