Though the sky was as pale as yesterday, the difference was having pinkish clouds tinted by the white sunlight shone below the rooftop of the office hurt. I could only hoped that the unpredictable rain would not fall, and I hurried to the bottom of the straight path to carry on with the segment, which was failed to paint yesterday. I focused on the complex structure of the canopies so attentively that, I had no time to spare for the nosy park regulars travelling toward my direction on the straight path. The sky was getting tinted blue by the growing daylight, while those green canopies posed behind the light source become dark losing the visual details at the same time. To avid painting a dull silhouette picture, I tried to capture the various tones of green when the sun was not shinning. And I intentionally left the sky pale, because adding blue might equalize the tones and flatten the picture to lose the sense of depth.


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