A layer of flimsy clouds covered the sky making the park appeared ever so gloomy. Joggers jogged along the track as well as the pathway. I did not realize that thin clouds could turn into drizzles, which drops fell to become showers. I packed the drawing kit feeling anxious of not knowing where to paint while leaving the straight path. I walked across the Tai Chi Square where an old buddy was stretching his body by the bench I used to paint. So I left for the viewing platform, but the view was so dull that I was not inspired to paint. I waited hoping the drizzle might pause so that I could go back to paint the panorama at the bottom of the straight path, but the on and off drizzles did not allowed. Then I took a chance going back to the Tai Chi Square finding the old buddy has left. I settled quickly to continue with the view on the right, having a large column occupying almost half of the page. Beside that I felt that I was painting two long strips of paintings on either side of the paper. Rain did not fall eventually, and the dry weather attracted more park regulars.


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