Soft sunrays radiated, behind the rooftop of the office building, towards the grey clouds hanging low upon the pale sky. I walked along the quiet pathway suspecting that most of the park regulars has left before I arrived. Arriving at the bottom of the straight path I took snapshots of the floor tiles, which depth of perspective was found visually varying from what I observed with my bear eyes. From the past experience, I drew line sketch recognizing how the pattern of the tiles distorted in an orderly format. It has taken me time to paint each of the tiles making sure that the wet paint would not merge to confuse the pattern layout. While the sun began to shine casting shadows on the tile darkened the color tones of the atmosphere. I was so attentively painting the picture without noticing that it was late while most of the park regulars has departed. But I rather enjoyed the bright sunny morning in the quiet environment left all to myself.


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