Except a few park regulars wandering in the open area by the entrance of the park, it was so quiet that not even the chirping of birds was heard. Knowing that rain might fall unpredictably, that I hurried to the bottom of the straight path while there was no sight of any park regulars yet. Feeing relax to continue painting the half done picture, which structure of the view have been sorted the day before, I thought color mixing was an easy job left to be done. But I underestimated the complexity of the green tones especially when the sun kept shining on and off. Though hues absorbed by the paper better when paints were applied atop the thin layers of washy paints, yet I still found it difficult to mix vibrant hues to contrast with the dark tones. Tidy drops of drizzles dripped from above warning that instant rain might fall while crowds of park regulars began to depart. Though it did not rain, I put an end to the picture after trying to highlight it with a sense of depth without success.


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