Monsoon season of this year deferred to autumn bringing red-rain thunderstorm. Rain was just about to fall and thunders followed as I set off to the park. Those morning regulars did not have rainproof clothing, gathering under the canopy of the office building for shelter. I carried my umbrella heading for the pavilion by the side of the Tai Chi Square with no other choice. The coach practiced warm up exercise before the other members might arrive on this rainy morning, while I settled quickly to paint before the nosy passers-by might slip through the pavilion for shelter. The fence of the soccer field perimeter distorted sharply, when I looked at it with an angle of my body twisted to the right hand side. Behind the fence, the view was composed with a grove of myrtles at the front, a couple of young palms seen vaguely and a large paper skin tree on the right. The big tree, bearing pine leaves, hung a few branches down from the left top corner enhancing the 3-D vision. Members of the Tai Chi group began to grumble upon the non-stop thunders disturbing me observing the view, though it was not as complex as that on the straight path.


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