It was forecasted by the Observatory that rain might fall in these few days. Though the sky was cloudy and the air was stuffy, the noisy chirping of the birds, I heard at the entrance of the park enlightening the misery atmosphere. The vibrant whistle tempted me to head for the bottom of the straight path to carry on with the panorama. The view to paint for the segment this morning was the extension of the perimeter fence of the soccer filed, round the corner leading to the direction of the booking office. Some banners promoting summer activities were hung on the net of the fence, blocking the scenery at the far side, reducing the complexity of the view. A sudden shower fell to disperse the crowds of tennis players and soccer teams, who were accessing to their destination through the pathway. Instantly I was left alone packing the drawing kit in the shower. As experienced that rain water might washed away the paints on the paper, so I decided to leave the half done picture to be finished the next day rather than carry on working in the rain.


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