The sun hid behind clouds radiating soft light tinting the sky pink. The weather was not too hot towards the end of summer, while some old women went back to the bottom of the viewing platform to view the vase open space facing the green pasture of the soccer field. I hurried to the bottom of the straight path and started to paint before the weather might become too hot when the sun rose high up to the sky. I decided to paint the floor tile below the scene on the left hand side of the straight path. Since the green litterbin was misplaced that I have to move it back to the original position matching the images painted on the previous segment. Some of the passers-by watched me moving the bin without interference that I felt comfortable settling down to paint. The extension of the floors tiles from the last segment did help me in terms of measuring the proportions, yet I was not in the mood to depict the structural details. As I painted along, I began to reveal the atmospheric feelings by those color patches, lines and forms of elements, together they conformed an abstract painting.


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