I wondered why the straight path was so quiet while heading for the rear side of the park. Passing by the tennis courts, I saw the busy jogging track in the shade casted by the office tower standing behind, which might explain where the park regulars had gone. I meet the clap-had old buddy at the circular square whistling in unbearable pitch. On the ground by the side of the plant bed edge, the troop of yellow silky ants crowed on a mass of lumpy stuffy. While a tooth pick size snail escaping away without its shell on the back. When I tried to remove the lumpy stuffy with a piece of dry leaves discovering it was a dead caterpillar, so I left it in the plant bed for the corpse to undergo ecosystem inside the clay. I was left painting in the blissful quietness without noticing the absence of the chatty group. Quietness offered me positive attitude to define the segment of the view to be painted. And I was smart enough to capture the distinguish tones even the occasional sunshine was interfering the hues of the plants, while a sense of depth was derived by just tones of greens.


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