I walked along the straight path heading for the rear side of the park by myself, while joggers in colorful outfits crowed the jogging track cheering up the dry, bright morning. My backache reminded me paying attention to work rather than distracting by the happenings in the environment. Though the view was no fewer complexes than that of yesterday, my clear mind allowed me to complete the sketch before the chatty group arrived. The sun began to shine radiating heat and casting shadows onto the ground that the chatty group withdrew further away from me under the shade of the footbridge, yet I could clearly hear their noises wafting across the circular square. However without their gestural movement blocking my sight of viewing, I felt comfortable depicting the scene allocated under the footbridge. Sunlight intensified filtering the hues of the scenery, while silvery light reflected on to my eyes discouraging me to paint the picture further with more details.


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