Under the bright cloudy sky, morning regulars dashed to the park. I saw the sun radiating orange light towards the sky dispersing the thin clouds hanging upon. To avoid unpredictable showers might fall I joined the queue rush to the rear side of the park. The troop of silky yellow ants warned me not to step on their transportation route, but it was all too late for me to escape when I felt the hurtful bits. As a matter of fact, besides the awful ants, other evil creatures such as mosquito and spider were also my enemies. So I cover my arms, hands and ankles thickly with insect repellent spray. But the strong smelly spray pervaded in the air that it almost kills me at the same time as the naughty insects. Anyway, my back pain drove my attention back to depicting view. Since the view to paint this morning was no less complex than that of yesterday, I focused the trees as the major elements for the picture, while putting stairs of the footbridge vaguely at the background.


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