Heavy rain poured early in the morning making me worry about where to paint. Though clouds were not thick, but I have no phenomenal judgment upon the unpredictable weather in nature. Though rain began to reduce, I went to the pavilion at the Tai Chi Square hesitantly feeling if I should paint at the rear side of the park. Yet the on and off pouring rain proved it to be an appropriate decision. I took my time scanning the view, which involved a couple of pot plants, a portion of a pavilion column and the residential towers in geometrical format at the background. About the structure of the view, the tedious geometry of the building was not my cup of tea to paint during the morning when I was in a hurry. So to start with, I laid down thick lines of pale wash, behind the perimeter fence, indicating the towers before emphasizing them in darker tones. I felt grateful to the light sources, reflecting brownish and bluish greens to verify the pot plants. The miserable weather deferred the morning regulars visiting the park, which was good news for me to work attentively.


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