On the way to the park, gale wind blew the canopies on the trees to sway breezily while there was no sight of morning regulars. I held my umbrella tightly to prevent it being blown overturn while taking snapshots. Drizzles began to fall and I have to decide where to paint apart from the rear side of the park. I walked across the empty viewing platform where patches of water pools were gathered. At the end of the stairs I turned around seeing the meditating group occupied the long pavilion behind the platform, so I went ahead to the pavilion at the Tai Chi Square. I took the nearest bench when I saw a couple Tai Chi members practicing at the rear end. Gale wind blew hard bringing along thunderstorm, and passers-by began to slip in front of me under the pavilion, while I was sketching in concentration. The extension of the view included solely pot plants placing in the center of the square and the trees grow behind the perimeter fence of the soccer filed, so the picture was subsequently painted within a range of greens. As the rain kept falling like cats and dogs that morning regulars departing the park unnoticed, leaving the thunderstorm and me behind to complete the picture.


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