The hot stuffy air returned to the park. Morning visitors slowed down their pace of motions. I strode my weary steps heading for the rear side of the park finding some flimsy layers of water on the pathways. Noticing that it had been rained before dawn I wrapped my drawing kit purposely before starting to paint. To carry on with the panorama, I returned to the first column of the view, which started from the frontal view seeing the tallest king palm. I shifted my body on my right facing the footbridge, which is the access to the bisected area of the park. I was considering drawing at another location when a few drops of drizzles fell hesitantly. But my weary body did not wanted me to make any move, which seems to be out of my control. After struggling for a few minutes, I chose to paint the top view of the column which simply included a few branches sticking out from a tree grows by my side. The rain did not fall but the sky was pale, to highlight the misery atmosphere I deliberately tinted it purplish blue.


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