The morning was hot and dry. After a few snapshots I walked along the straight path seeing the nasty guy sitting on the bench at the lounge of the booking office. To avoid further nuisance, I slipped away to the jogging track through the small brush behind the tennis court. Along the quiet track I was tempted to return for the next panorama after the one just started at the rear side of the park. A few park regulars were ready to depart when I arrived to paint at the same sport. Since the solar position of the sun has been shifting behind the mega tower at the back of me, which blocked most of the direct sunray shining directly. The area of the view bracketed by my fingers was not extensive that the tones painted did not reveal obvious contrast. So I tried to emphasize the stems and leaves of the palms to derive a moderate sense of depth for the picture. Members of the chatty group arrived almost at the same time, though the chatting noise was a bit disturbing, yet the conversation about daily routine was healthy to hear.


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