Wind blew toward me round the corner of the park waking me from my drowse. I was hopping that the wind would blow away the thick clouds, which might fall as shower. Beside a few park regulars wandering around, it was quiet along the pathways to the rear side of the park, where the sun shone occasional hazy sunshine through some the thin clouds. I settled quickly hesitating which view to paint because I needed to leave early. After a several snapshots, I decided to paint the palm leaves of the king palm standing besides the tallest one. Since the area of the sky took up almost half of the page that I splash a thin watery layer of greyish blue all over it. But the sketchy lines of the palm leaves were removed that I lose track of them when I started to paint with watercolor. The changing intensity of light, hues and tones affected the bluish background to become vague. So I added a several layers of paints to enhance the contrast of the objects depicted.


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