I learnt from the chatty group that shower would not last long if the clouds were thin. Drops of rain fell hesitantly until I sat down on the edge of the plant bed. It fell so hard that I could not start painting but waiting for it to stop because the clouds were thin. The shower paused cooling down the heat while washing the plants to reveal the freshness of the green  hue. It was not too long that the sun rose evaporating the dampness of the rain when the chatty group was arriving. To avoid problems on melding the peripherals when the segments are to be arrayed, I stared another panorama, on the same view, by using a new set of paper cut in regular sizes. The sun shone on me behind the hedge plant casting shadows on my picture, though it was hot that sweats kept running down from my forehead, I enjoyed depicting the foliage of the king palm standing against the deep blue sky. Drops of rain fell again urging me to leave while most of the morning regulars have departed.


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