Though I set off earlier than usual, the morning regulars kept the same pace with me. I speeded up my walking pace when I saw cloudy sky at the bottom of the viewing platform. At the rear side of park, the clap-hand old buddy seemed not caring much about being ignored. While a few drops of drizzles rippling on the surface of the shallow water warning heavy shower might follow, which came much faster than expected. I opened my umbrella immediately to shade the unprotected stuffs and my camera was luckily escaped from being wetted. I sat under the umbrella feeling helpless while the shower kept falling like cats and dogs. And the rain finally stopped reluctantly when my drawing paper was damped. I felt annoyed inevitably that the rain wasting my time when I set off early to paint. In order to save time, I painted directly on to the paper without drafting linear sketch. And somehow paints merged each other on the damp paper creating a contrasting effect.


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