The air was less stuffy in the bright morning. The park regulars set off earlier than usual because today is the annual “Dragon Boat Festival”. In order to prepare a delicious feast for the families, the women would return home earlier than their male companions. And the men would stay behind in the park carrying on playing with the ball games, exercises or jogging. I went back to paint at the edge of the plant bed, where the revolting smell was reduced by water flushing, as was promised by the park attendants yesterday. Though sweats ran down from my forehead reaching the corner of my lips, I insisted putting on facemask to prevent smelling the remains. I was wrong choosing to paint the view further on the left hand side, which was thought to be fewer complex than the one on top of the last segment. It was also my anxiety, of hurrying home to prepare for the festival, distracted me mixing proper hues, which might create contrast between the hedge plant growing at the frontal plant bed, and the abundance of canopies blooming at the far end behind the staircase. Well! Finally a picture in vague monochrome was painted.


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