The sour stuffy air pervaded the park again. The sun was struggling to slip out from behind the grey thick clouds shining hot rays on earth occasionally. A strong scent of revolting smell wafted toward my nose from the hedge plant, made me hesitant if I should paint at the edge of the plant bed. I thought some nasty people must have been urinated on the hedge plant for convenience or trick. I decided to put up with the smell because the sun might shine on me very soon. I covered my nose with a piece of tissue while hurrying up with the sketch. Though the tree trunk and the hedge plants in front of the concrete balustrade were the major elements, but the canopies on the trees behind the staircase, bearing brilliant greens were found to be more interesting. The smell became unbearable when the heat of the sun vaporing it to intensify. So I went to report the case to the park attendants, who were unexpectedly nice to investigate the place together with me. While they persuaded me that the smelly substance was probably ruin of cats left behind during nighttime.


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