Though the breezy wind swept trying to harmonize the breathless air, but the heat radiated from the furious sun vaporing hot air from the ground. The stuffy air and the heat drove the morning regular hiding under the shads at a distance away. Knowing that the park was not a place to stay for long under this weather condition, I hurried up and trying to finish the painting as soon as the heat began to burn my skin. The view to paint this morning was the canopies extended from the trees behind and above the lamppost at the staircase of the shopping mall. After the liner sketch of the branches, instead of painting them brown, I chose to paint the abundance of canopies in patches of greens. By doing do, the range of greens revealed its freshness on the white ground. Daylight intensified the sky blue creating a vivid contrast with the green canopies. As a final touch I drew the branches in various brown to interrupt it as a scenery in nature.


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