A scent of sour smell wafted hitting my nose on the way to the park. The morning regulars complained about the heat and the breathless air causing by the low air pressure. Though thunders kept grumbling but rain did not follow, because the grey thick clouds were unwilling to flow away while shading the furious sun from shining its violent ray on earth. I arrived at the rear of the park seeing the clap-hand old buddy wandering round and round without paying attention upon the noise that she used to make. Though morning regulars have lost interest on peeping my work, but I found that the nasty ants seem to have taken their place to disturb me by biting my ankles and arms. I believed the attack was a revenge on blocking their travelling route, when I swept clear the plant bed before laying down the drawing kit. The bad weather condition, drove most the morning visitors to leave early, enabling me to depict the canopies on the treetops smoothly, while the birds did not fly chirping between trees, but hopping in front of me for food.


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