The sun shone brightly towards my eyes as I was walking along the pathways heading for the rear of the path. The water pools gathered on the ground the day before was drying up by the heat, and besides, the stuffy air discouraged the park regulars carrying out their daily activities. In addition to the low air pressures, I felt my thoughts were subconsciously transcended that the noise made by the clap-hand old buddy was not heard, until I saw her departing behind the balustrade. After settling on the edge of the plant bed, I shifted my body to observe the panoramic view on the left hand side. Facing the hedge plant bed locates in front of the balustrade, the large scale of the hedges did not seem to be as attractive as the fresh green canopies at the treetops some distance away. Contrasting hues and tones on both of the plants and the balustrade was intensified as the sun rose to shine violently on to the park, where morning regulars had almost gone.


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