The park was quiet and shiny when the sun rose above the roof of the office building. At the bottom of the staircase, leading to the circular square, a pool of water gathered reflecting images of the mega tower at the back. On the edge of the plant bed, the group of unorganized ants kept popping in my palette and clawing on the picture as well as my sweaty body. They enjoyed biting my ankles and arms so much and not seemed to be threatened by the “peppermint cure”. The sun rose to shine toward the corner of my eyes irritatingly while I was still depicting the short hedge. The concrete balustrade of the staircase, leading to the shopping mall, seemed to be out of place when I tried to meld the peripherals from the adjacent segments. Later I found that was not the difficult part, but the complexity was composed by the large scale of the hedge plants grow on my left hand side together with the tidy scale of the railings along the slopping pathway at the rear.


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