Bright light shone through the thick grey clouds forecasting the emergence of the sun early in the morning. It was understandable that the morning visitors preferred to stay in the cool air-conditioned shelter rather than jogging under the heat of the sun. I arrived at the rear of the park in sweat. The clap-hand old buddy left after a brief chat with an aged regular. I suspect if she was a social worker. The sun rose to the level of my eyes as I stated measuring the view of the sloping pathway. The view at the elevation of my eye level, scanned by the bright light became vague. I believe the past experience guided me intentionally reducing the curvature of the slopping pathway. The approximated scale of the scene depicted, with a comfortable feeling,  resolving the ambiguity of the view. Confidence returned urging me to carry on with the scene though my back began to ache.


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