Gloomy sky, pools of death water and decay foliage paved along the pathways. Revolting smells produced under the low air pressure making the park a misery place. Though the last segment of the panorama at the rear of the park was completed yesterday, I still wished to linger there for the reason of a consent, which seemed to be mutely agreed with the chatty group, whom would leave me alone working. I scanned around the surroundings trying to allocate a spot, where I could work comfortably with a contrasting view of objects. I chose the acute corner of the plant bed behind the staircase of the shopping mall. Though the scene seemed to be repeated, but the sizes of the objects were reduced making the panoramic scenery to become larger than the previous one. The clap-hand old buddy, in her red T-shirt again, left quietly before drops of drizzle fell. While chatting noises drew my attention to the platform of the footbridge, where I saw the chatty group gathering for shelter. The sun shone softly on the ground after the clouds fell as rain.


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