Though the thunderstorm stopped, the occasional drops kept falling on and off. I went to the rear side of the park along the rarely empty pathways, and was left alone in the misery quiet when the clap-hand old buddy departed in mute. I saw a mollusk carrying its spiral shell climbing up to the edge of the plant bed in great effort, I took snapshots instead of giving him assistant reaching his destination. This mollusk we used to call snail was differed from the one I saw the other morning, which carried an almost flat shell over a sheet of thin mussel. I wondered if that was a different type or a DNA modified snail. The curiosity was interrupted by another phenomenal scene, when I saw drops of rain fell on the pool of water creating eccentric circles. The chatty group arrived to complain about the irrational content of a TV program. Though the conversation was not my cup of tea, but it reminded to start working before heavy rain might fall.


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