I saw the nasty guy jogged approaching to the rear of the park, so I took snapshots waiting for him to leave before starting to paint. Pools of water and fallen foliage were gathered on the pathways of the park after last night’s Red Rain thunderstorm. Thick clouds were traversing low upon the gloomy sky, its shadows shading the ground from time to time giving warming of thunderstorms. I covered the area, with plastic, where was luckily dry enough for me to stay for work. The view included some loosely scattering branches on the treetops. Without much guidance, it has taken me sometimes to allocate the stretching pattern. All in a sudden, rain fell like cats and dogs, and I was just about to cover my drawing kit and the picture under my shabby umbrella. I thought I was happy to carry on working in a blissfully quietness after the morning regulars fleet for shelter. But the rain fell so heavily that it filled to dilute the paints on the palette, while it also wetted my back without being protected probably by the plastic. Knowing that the weather condition was getting too bad to work, I finished the picture quickly with some darker tones.


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