The nasty guy rushed passing in front of me, with furious eyes, while I was taking the usual snapshot of the palm grows behind the viewing platform. I went along the pathways to the rear of the park without taken any more snapshots. The clap hand old buddy chatted with me about what the guy did yesterday morning. She also realized that the jogging route was not his usual visiting path and seemed to agree with me that he came to raise nuisance on purpose. Then I settled to work with no intension to investigate about his misbehavior. From the painting segment did yesterday, an unacceptable perspective was drawn making the peripherals images impossible to meld. After struggling for a few minutes, I decided to sketch the segment alone by restoring its individual perspective. A sudden, heavy shower fell after the gossip group left. I was in time to cover the drawing kit under my umbrella, but the other morning visitors had to rush for shelter. The sun seemed playing hide and seek, emerging from behind the thick dark clouds after the five minutes shower.


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