The sun failed to emerge behind the grey thick clouds. Which turned into raindrops falling softly onto the water pools.   Soon after I started measuring the scene, the nasty guy jogged close. I yelled at him intolerably warning that I might complain about his behavior. He returned to fight for a quarrel, and I was glad that the passers-by heard and realizes the nuisance he has made upon me. The clap hand old buddy and the passers-by began to disperse after the nasty guy left. I picked up the pencil again feeling hesitant upon the scale and perspective of the handrail erected along the slopping pathway. Anxiety did not seem to leave me while the brush in my hand began to splash heavy and rough stokes onto the paper. The instant stokes in intense browns took up most of areas behind and above the handrails that I failed to make further contrast in greens tones. Eventually, instead of struggling with the green bushes, I painted the pathway in light weigh hues trying to achieve a sense of depth.


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