A scent of perfume pervaded at the entrance of the park, while thick clouds hanging high upon the sky with no intension to rain. It was quiet at the rear side of the park though the clap hand old buddy was there. I saw the nasty jogging guy approaching near, so I stood up to prevent him getting too close. The guy stared at me furiously while jogging pass so close that he almost hit my folded arms. I was so angry that I yelled warming him to leave me alone, the old buddy watching the event without interference. The yells released my anxiety while the voice from the recorded program scanned the noises of people, I supposed. With a clear mind, I began to measure the view of the treetops finding incorrect scale from the last segment. The view to paint this morning was not complex at all that I gave up the idea to meld the peripheral images after a several trials. When I saw the clouds dispersing to reveal a clear blue sky, instead of worrying about the melding problems created or might create on the adjacent segments, I realized that I should paint the scenery in front of me at real time and perspectives.


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