The rain did not fall under the low air pressure making the air breathlessly stuffy. The gossip group began to arrive after the clap hand old buddy left. I did not put my earphones on since the birds were chirping happily around the park mingling together with the general chats of the people. I hesitated for a while before deciding to continue with the middle part of the stairs instead of the treetops. The stairs extended horizontally from the previous segment guiding me to project the perspective further without exaggerating the distortion, while the shimmering daylight was tending to bother my observation. I began to see more details of the stairs structure, which might reduce the problems on melding peripheral images on the adjacent segment. I was too busy tackling the structure of the stairs that the disturbing passers-by were subconsciously neglected. And the serenity pervaded the park once again when the gossip group departed.


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