The sun has risen high up the sky when I entered the park. But the bright and warm weather did not attract more park regulars. I arrived at the rear side of the park while the clap hand buddy was leaving. I put on my earphone listening attentively to the program introducing the Italian garden, which content was sensibly heard in an unexpectedly quiet morning. The middle strip of the panorama was done a couple days ago. I decided to paint the segments at the top and bottom strips alternately hoping that the scale might be easier to measure with flowing peripherals. A bundle of foliage entered the top of the segment in a scale that is large enough to see the details. I hesitated for a moment before discarding the idea of depicting figurative images; instead I chose to put down patches of colors. I enjoyed painting in the quietness so much that I forgot to take interval phenomenal photos. And until I removed the earphones then I realized that the chirping birds were with me all the time.


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