The warm and early dawn attracted more people to the park. Though it was still quiet along the way to the rear side of the park, morning regulars as well as the park attendants started the mission of the day already. I settled at the same sport trying to allocate the view to be painted before more nasty regulars groups might arrive, because I did not bring my earphone. In the misty of the gossiping noise I found misjudged scale from the last segment. The section of the hedge plant was not anything complicated but it took me time to measure, and I decided to splash watercolor on without bothering about sketching it. As predicted, chatty people arrived talking loudly about their daily shopping and the meals cooked the day before. I was surprised that the conversation led me to the scene of the market place, and I was actually painting from memory. How does speaking and hearing elaborate to arise visual scene, which was embedded subconsciously beyond visual observation?


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