The temperature dropped a little raising the breeze to blow nicely. I carried my weary steps walking on the empty pathway towards the rear side of the park. To my surprise I saw a new “Bam Nam Tuse” group settling at the square making it a busy place. Noticing the situation, the first thing for me to do before I started to work was wearing the earphones to scan all the unnecessary noises. To avoid looking at their direction, I left the last view on the right and decided to paint the view on the left from the middle segment, which was painted as the first segment of the panorama. To reduce the feeling of burden, I measured the view with my eyes rather than pencil. By doing do, I felt closer to the natural phenomena, in terms of space and time and my existence within. Though the daylight began to grow, the gloomy weather did not visually intensify the hues or tones of the scene. When the picture was almost done, the recorder stopped due to low battery, so it is time to pack.


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