It was gloomy when I was walking along the jogging track in the morning. The noise of the claps was heard before I reached the rear side of the park. The Tai Chi group gathered soon after I settled by the edge of the plant bed. All in a sudden a few drops of drizzle fell dismissing the group to climb up the footbridge for shelter. It was too late for me to open my umbrella when the drizzle fell on the painting to disperse some paints leaving spots on the lamppost. The drizzle stopped after a few scary drops, and the people soon gathered at the center of the square again. Though the group was playing in front of me, but it did not seems to bother me measuring the scene when I was listening to the recorded programs. The close lamppost on the right side took up a quarter of the page saving me a lot of work. What left to be tackled was the reddish foliage at the center of the square verses the bluish tidy leave of the slender tree grows by the side of the footbridge.


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