The jogging track was quiet on this Monday morning. I felt a little stuffy breathing the warm air infusing by the low humidity. On the contrast, the rear side of the park was ever so busy since I started capturing the panorama there. I quickly put my earphones on to scan the noise so that I could maintain my peacefulness. But the old buddy kept walking to and fro in front of me flipping the shimmering light irritating my sight. My headache rose to hit my brain instantly after the sleepless night, while the joyful “too cut” program did not seem to have effect on me. Though I felt difficult to put myself together, the extension of the footbridge stairs was finally confirmed on the rough draft having a few trees standing in front. A sudden breeze blew to cool me down when the reddish foliage was almost done, while I was suspecting if the reddish foliage might turn into green or fall down like autumn leaves afterwards. And I found it is interesting to follow while the panorama last.


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