On this quiet and early Saturday morning, I met a few joggers running on the track. Walking along the rows of plants on both sides of the track I took snapshots of the plants. It was interesting to see that different types of plants having vary blooming periods during the year. And the mixture of colors from the new buds, the blooming and the withering foliage gathered together composing brilliant and beautiful scenery for the season. Before arriving the rear side of the park, the noisy clap was heard wafting to the jogging track. In order to keep myself relax, the first thing to do was to put my earphones on before starting to depict the view. I think it was the cheerful background music of the “too cut “ program providing me with rhythmical momentum to paint. And the brushes on my hand seemed to run freely on the surface of the paper. Perhaps that is the way to project life on to the painting instead of making it a beautify picture alone.


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