_15_ copy


More than a few park regulars already wandering in the park when I arrived. I saw the strong red sunlight glowing from behind the office building. I took a few snapshots feeing the blasting sunray hits my eyes. To escape from the direct sunlight, I climbed down from the viewing platform heading for the rear side of the park through the straight path, where loose canopies on the trees growing on both side provides me with shades. I felt happy about blissful emptiness when the old buddy left with her noisy claps. I was planed to analyze the tones of hue by laying down patches colors, instead struggling with the complex structure of the groves growing at the front further to the rear. Some how I felt hesitant about the change of tones and hues when daylight was gradually intensified. Therefore I changed my strategy by enlarging the scale of each segment for the panoramic picture. In such a way, fewer object are involved in one segment, at the same details of which can also be depicted attentively.


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