The midnight rain continued making the floor wet and slippery. A few morning regulars walked toward the park in their umbrellas. I was thinking if I should take a chance to paint by the side of the concrete pavilion for it would be quiet without too many passers-by. But the falling rain changed my mind when I arrived at the viewing platform. Though there were small pools of water gathered on most of the steps, I found a dry area to work comfortably alone. I felt fresh to paint the pinecones and the arch column again, while some birds flying up and down approaching me food. Though birds were not supposed to be fed, a bird came nibbling with a piece of potato chip in his beak, unluckily that a small bird came behind seizing the chip away and flew quickly disappearing across the field. A guy came having a bad time practicing his sword dance in the drizzle! Yet it was not he disturbing me, but the non-stopped chilly rain urged me to leave the unfinished picture behind.


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