Dawn broke before I set off. It was dry, warm and quiet with a few morning regulars wandering about the park. I passed through the viewing platform heading for the concrete pavilion, where I saw the pinkish sky before sun rise. The edge was still available while the Buzzy Square was soon crowed with groups of morning visitors. I chose to continue painting the floor files because I did not want to lift my weary head up observing the complex view of the sky and mega towers. Adjusting from the peripherals images flew from the adjacent segments located above and on the right hand side, I drafted the linear tiles smoothly in terms of perspective. The elevation of the floor tiles was flat when I measured it with the brush tilted up a little at the bottom. And the small scale of the tiles at the farther end took me ages to paint individually, until shadows of trees cast by the sun intensifying the hues, while I did not have time to make any changes but added shadows atop.


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