The morning regulars were exercising on the viewing platform before I arrived. I saw a sheer of flimsy fog like a chiffon curtain hiding the mountains behind at the far end of the scenery. Being accompanied by the birds singing at the rooftop above, I work comfortably in the nice cool breeze. I was too happy to paint the last segment of the 3 X 3 “3-d” picture, which was located at the bottom right of the setting. Though the nine segments of the picture were to be composed into a panoramic view, in order to release my feeling of being restricted by the idea of peripheral flow, I chose to paint this segment with individual quality again. In such a way I could pay more attention on various scales, hue that kept changing by the intensifying daylight as well as the perspective when I shifted my body slightly. The guy in metal disturbs returned climbing up and down the stairs beside me, to avoid accident might arise, I finished the picture with highlights.


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