New green buds were blooming from the stark branches of the trees, planted at the entrance of the park, and began to grow denser each day. I went to the viewing platform after a few snapshots. I felt comfortable with the nice weather though I heard the sharp folding fans and the “Ban Nam Tuse” broadcasting wafted across the green field timidly. The view to paint this morning was the treetops. I felt wired with the peripherals images from the adjacent segment, and remembered the problem of the elevated scale occurred the day before. Ignoring any of the consequence might arise; I chose to paint the view as its own without caring about the matter of merging peripheral images. In such a way, I enjoyed painting the picture with individual quality rather than being bounded by the stated information of the previous segments. But the pale purplish sky was messed up by harsh strokes of the blue while being disturbed by the people walking to and fro at the foot of the trees.


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