Though the sky was pale with patches of clouds hanging low upon the sky, the morning was bright, calm and cool. Park regulars began to walk to and fro along the pathway below the viewing platform. Different species of birds sang nosily, pervading the park in the cool and dry weather. The bottom view of the 3 x 3 “3-d” pictures was complex in terms of both images and reflective color tones, but it was not up to my anxiety to speed up the pace of drawing. So I settled quietly measuring the flow of the peripherals images from the adjacent pictures. After drawing a few sketchy lines I applied watercolor fast before the sight of the objects might be lost. The layout of the picture was clearly identified with front, middle and rear distances that a sense of depth was derived accordingly without paying attentive efforts. Yet to tackle the various greens upon the park scenery remains my concern. To avoid the picture to become messy, I stopped painting the picture, which might look unfinished.


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