Dawn broke inducing a pale grey sky. I arrived at the viewing platform seeing a far view upon the clear sky and the wind blew hard. I felt calm while fewer birds whistling above the rooftop and morning regulars muttering in the cool breeze down the pathway below. I continue to paint the column on the left hand side of the 3(across) x 3(down) “3-d picture”, finding the scale of the treetops painted yesterday was misjudged. So I painted the middle segment first in the scale relevant to that of the prior column, leaving the problem to be solved the next day. I always like to paint the large pinecone growing on the plant bed, especially when the ugly hedges were weeded out. Behind them was a grove of paper skin trees growing along the perimeter of the park separating the highway. I found it difficult mixing the range of subtle green revealed on the grove, which might contrast with the lumps of pinecone at the frontal view. And the sense of depth was not achieved.


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