The dense fog covered the mega tower at the rear as well as the top part of those towers by the side of the park. The birds sang vividly at the rooftop while building their nest to breed the birdies. Their whistles overwhelming the muttering of people, the roar of vehicles, also the broadcast of the “Ban Nam Tuse” and the flute of the Tai Chi group, which sank into the humidity of the thick fogs. Though it was humid, I felt fresh and relax in the cool breeze at the viewing platform. But I began to worry about the lose passion and excitement upon the familiar scenery. To paint a simple view was not a problem, but to meld the peripherals of the segments was a job to do. And besides, measuring large scale of a near view with my two eyeballs, I need to sort and make compromise upon the various perspectives. The fog was dispersing clearing the view of the scenery while park regulars were departing.


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